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 Wakayama corporate information service industrial association(WAKASA) is for highly information society, region IT·information service industry human resource training·exchange and promote·promote software development and interrelated information technical. Seek for IT·information service industry health development, and promote the Wakayama Prefecture IT·information service, contribute to the regional economies·social development. Build in 1992.

President of the speech

Wakayama Information Technology Service Industry Association

President  Toshiyuki Kamanaka

 Highly information age is called for a long time, along with the information technology (IT) progress, the Information-communication technology(ITC) are remarkable now. This influence brings the revolution to not only economic industry but also all districts like the administration, the culture, the education, etc., and became one of the social basic lives now.

 In such a historical background, region enterprise related to Information service as our main part, provide personnel training for local society and the information industry in the future, exchange with production, study, government and the enterprises members, our goal is increase the advanced industrial activity. There were 70 regular members in 1992 Nov., and 12 support members of corporation. At the end of year 2007, we got 75 regular members, 21 support members, and 3 special member, total members are 99.

 After it builds, according to our establishment goal, "Advanced, special information system training" is executed as a system and information for a member corporate employee who obtains the authorization of "Vocational Training recognition school", Business convention fair "Info Fair"is convoked, "Software contest" is holding for the information system human resources development and the regional contribution business. The tenth anniversary in established in year 2003, "Information promotion contribution enterprise of 2003 degrees etc." was given from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a group.

 Here it is time to say thank you to our entire member for get special cooperation, support, and guidance from you. And also ask for still further your kindness again in the future.

 The business is upward well these years, and the information service industry is also strong very well, but it is forecast that the business proceeding of this industry will change greatly. I think it becomes more important for us who acts in the region, that "The forte is strengthened selecting and intensively" making of the only one corporate.

 Though it is expected for the long term, the information service industrial world is support of making to IT to the management innovation to the small and medium-sized enterprise and the related industry such as the local industry, the education business, the nursing industry, and the tourism industry, etc. For our corporation member, to take the lead advanced enterprise management in the age as the goal, hopes the member mutually positive work, makes every effort to the member to strengthen, and further causes it activation.

Aug. 2008  

■ 1.Build
  • Nov. 1992
■ 2.Goal
  • Through information service industry human resource training and exchange, software development promotion, information related technology promotion etc., to promote the Wakayama Prefecture informationization and information service industry development at the same time, to contribute to the development of economy and society as our goal.
■ function
  • The human resource training for information service industry.
  • To collect and provide the promote information for the information service industry.
  • The information service industry exchanges and supports each other or other industry.
  • To promote and support software development and usage.
  • To promote and support IT technology and usage.
■ 4.Mainly year activities
  • Committee and Department
    The committee is composed of publicize and recruit, human resource training and exchange, health welfare and technical development four parts, the member surely belong to one of these committees. The department is composed of the management research, new business promotion and international three parts, the applicant for membership gathers besides the committee. The department of production official is for to cooperate, communicate and information exchange. The department of management research holds three meetings for training in a year, and aims at the friendship between members. The department of international supports our member to develop over seas, and aims at the expansion and the support of the business opportunity with foreign countries.

  • Communicate with University
    【Communicate with University】
    Local university is shortening the distance with business circles, through holding the Info fair exhibition and the meeting of publish for the student's research result as a positive exchange for our society. A more concrete joint research and the joint development will be expected in the future.

    【Communicate with government】
    Holding the "Info fair in Wakayama" and "The Wakayama competition of software and CG" every year, is supported and cooperated by the Wakayama government and each group of the local government. For the promotion of advanced information in the region, our society keeps close cooperation with local government.

  • < Info fair in Wakayama >
    It is the maximum event in the society to hold the "Info fair in Wakayama" every year according to national "Informationization month". The member enterprises exhibit and publish the most advanced IT related machine and software, IT business solution at the same place, it is one of the biggest IT(ICT) related business fair in Wakayama Prefecture.

  • < The Wakayama competition of software and CG >
    Our goal is to train the people who develop the high informationization society and popularize software usage. To provide a place that people in Wakayama Prefecture can publish their software or CG works. For popular and improve the IT technology in Wakayama Prefecture. Every 30th Sep. is the deadline for the competition works, and the 23rd Nov. is the adjudgement for this competition in Wakayama City or Tanabe City.

  • IT seminar
    Face to the system engineer, developer, and digital creator of the enterprise we hold the seminar by a lot of menus in one year. Even the enterprise and the individual outside the membership can participate. The inquiry to the secretariat.

  • The health welfare・member exchange
    The health welfare committee preside the bus tour and the bowling rally etc., a variety of public welfare events are being held for the employee of each member company to deepen friendship each other. "WAKASA ream" is formed to the poetic event "State paragraph" of summer of local in 2003, and it participates every year.

  • The golf match for the presidents of WAKASA member
    The department of management research holds the The golf match for the presidents of WAKASA member three times every year. Many member take part in this match every time.

■ 5.The members exchange and promote each other or other industry
  • To convene seminars, rostrums and advance information technology studies, to help IT technology level improvement and extend the relationship inside and outside of this field.        

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